Neo Wise

L1 & L2 - Technical Educator - Coding (C++ / Java / DSA)

Coimbatore   |   Full Time

Experience on development of complex software projects, familiarity with C++ and Java Coding, and a strong background in data structures and algorithms. Has strong desires to learn and explore new technologies and demonstrates good analysis and problem-solving skills.  


We are looking for bright candidates with 0 to 5 years of experience. 


The responsibilities include:  


  • Train the students on subject matter effectively 
  • Mentor the students through the learning process providing key technical and knowledge development help 
  • Assess the learning group demographics and adapt teaching styles to ensure training effectiveness 
  • Create and implement a content strategy based on a deep understanding on Data structures and Algorithms / Competitive Coding. 
  • Understand requirement from the business team, take up ownership 

Who should apply?  


  • Has good teaching and interpersonal skills 
  • Has good technical proficiency in Data structures and Algorithms 
  • A passionate learner, who is willing to roll up their sleeves and get the work done. 
  • Someone who is disciplined to document the artifacts and enables design-based problem-solving approach.  
  • Demonstrates 0 to 5 years of experience as technical trainer in the education and technology industries. 

Job Perks 

  • Insurance for you and your family on top of your CTC 
  • Recognition and rewards 
  • Immense learning opportunity, as we are a small team with varied and interesting professional and personal experiences 
  • Chances of catching up with entrepreneurs, technology leaders, educationists and scientists that you’d never meet otherwise 

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