Neo X - University Account Management Team

Technical Subject Matter Expert

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Work Type: Full Time

Job Title:  Technical SME

Experience: 3+ Years

Location:  Coimbatore

Job Type:  Full-time

Job Description:

As a Technical SME with Content Development and Training Experience, you will be responsible for delivering high-quality training on Technical Content while also contributing to the creation and enhancement of training materials. Your passion for technology, strong instructional skills, and content development expertise will be instrumental in helping our learners excel in the world of Technology.


Excellent communication and collaboration skills.

Strong proficiency in C, CPP, Java, Python

Experience in advanced algorithm topics and their practical applications

Ability to solve Aptitude questions

Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail

Expertise in providing solutions for technical content issues/gaps and addressing university’s need

Good in MS Tools

Key Responsibilities: 

QC Framework: Develop a QC framework and perform quality checks of coding and aptitude questions to satisfy client requirements.

Content Development: Create and update training materials, including course outlines, presentations, coding questions, projects, and multimedia content.

Technical Expertise: Demonstrate proficiency in programming languages (C, C++, Java, Python) and data structures concepts to provide hands-on guidance to trainees.

Problem-Solving: Must be expertise in solving coding challenges and debugging issues, fostering a deep understanding of data structures and algorithms concepts.

Curriculum Enhancement: Stay updated with industry trends and best practices, continuously improving training content to ensure relevance and effectiveness.

Collaboration: Collaborate with content development team, subject matter experts, and instructional designers to enhance the overall training/courses.

Documentation: Maintain records of Questions Banks, Client engagement activities, training programs, and session feedback for continuous improvement.

Technical Resource: Serve as a valuable technical resource, addressing trainees' questions and providing guidance on complex development topics.

Faculty Development: Conduct faculty development workshops for universities to ensure effective teaching methodologies and content delivery.

Training Sessions: Conduct training sessions for students, both online and in classroom settings, tailored to the client’s requirements.

Client Interaction: Understand client requirements and tailor lab courses and curriculum, accordingly, including travel and site visits when necessary.

Consulting and Solutions: Provide expert solutions for any technical content issues, address university needs or gaps, and offer tailored guidance to ensure effective and relevant training delivery.

Experience Level:
Junior Level - 3 to 6 Yrs
Compensation Details:
7 LPA - 8 LPA

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